Katy Perry Amasses 50 Million Followers On Twitter

Katy Perry is presently the reigning champ on Twitter.

Although other celebrities may have beaten her to previous milestones, the “Roar” singer was the first person in the history of the micro-blogging site to cross the 50 million mark. However, troubled pop star Justin Bieber is only around 800,000 followers behind Perry.

So how many people are following the singer on Twitter right now? At the time these words are hitting the virtual page, Katy Perry has exactly 50,019,390 fans on the site. However, that number could increase or decrease a bit by the time you stumble across this article.

Despite having millions of followers on Twitter, Katy Perry doesn’t really return the favor too often. She’s currently following 130 individuals, most of whom are highly successful in their respective fields. Mindy Kaling, Diablo Cody, and Britney Spears are among the folks she keeps up with on the micro-blogging site.

However, BBC points out that some of these followers are probably phonies. The folks at Status People discovered last year that approximately 42 percent of the singer’s original 1.25 million supporters were actually fake. Regardless, these bogus accounts helped Perry reach the milestone before anyone else.

Lady Gaga was the first person to hit double digits on Twitter; she arrived at 10 million, 20 million, and 30 million followers before anyone else. The singer was eventually toppled by Justin Bieber last year when he rocketed past the 40 million mark.

Thanks to the success of “Roar” and the her latest album, Katy Perry probably amassed more new fans than most of her fellow pop stars. This likely helped propel the singer zip past 50 million followers. However, it’s still unclear how many of those folks are real.

Of course, this micro-blogging accomplishment isn’t the only thing Katy Perry has to celebrate right now. Her latest single “Dark Horse” recently sailed to the top of the Billboard 100, giving the singer her ninth number one single.

“This number one is the most unexpected one I’ve ever had. ‘Dark Horse’ has been a dark horse of a song, since August when the KatyCats voted to release it early on iTunes, before ‘Prism’ even came out. I’m so thrilled and grateful to have these moments,” she explained.

However, not everyone is impressed with Perry’s new song. The Inquisitr previously reported that Glenn Beck took issue with the singer’s performance at the Grammys due to its demonic nature. In his opinion, Perry is glorifying satanic behavior with the tune.

Are you surprised Katy Perry reached 50 million followers on Twitter before anyone else?