Sony S2 Tablet Hits FCC, Looks Primed For AT&T Release

Sony’s dual-screen Android 3.0 tablet, known as the S2 has made it’s way to the FCC for wireless certification two months after the company first revealed the product.

If the filing is correct the product is being certified for both 850MHz and 1900MHz bands in North America, likely meaning it will be offered by AT&T in the US. The device also appears to be operating with the Ericsson F5512g cellular chipset which supports HSPA+ speeds

Other connectivity options on the device includes a 2.5GHz WiFi chip with b/g/n support and Bluetooth connectivity.

Users will also receive two 5.5-inch displays, both at 1024 x 480 pixels of resolution and the system is PlayStation certified while carrying a NVIDIA Tegra 2 SOC.

The product is expected to be released this fall in the U.S. although an exact date and pricing have yet to be announced.