The Weather Channel Tweet About Dying Meteorologists Deleted, Editor Is Removed

The Weather Channel tweet about meteorologists dying was quickly deleted from their timeline and the admin responsible to run Twitter for the network has been removed.

The network is embroiled in a nasty and very public battle with provider DirectTV, which scratched the meteorological darling from their line-up, upsetting not only the 24/7 network, but millions of customers that love to watch Jim Cantore and company reporting live from blizzards and hurricanes.

In a very public and nasty war of words — a classic he-said, he-said battle — which has angered viewers and observers alike, the jabs thrown at each other are leaving many shaking their heads wondering where the cool heads and maturity are.

In the latest controversy, the admin running the Twitter account for The Weather Channel tweeted this, which was shared by user @MaggieTheCat27:

The distasteful tweet prompted a flurry of apologies from The Weather Channel’s new admin, after followers complained:

You get the idea. The Weather Channel tweet was not a good idea, and in a statement of apology to BuzzFeed, they said:

“We respect all meteorologists, including the professionals at Weather Nation. Due to the huge response we’ve seen in social media since we came off DirecTV, we’ve brought on additional resources, including outside agencies. That tweet does not represent our views at The Weather Chanel and we have taken action so that it does not happen again. Our issue is with DirectTV not WeatherNation.”

Now TWC is moving on to tweeting about what they do best: the upcoming weather and warning people that may be in the path of the next system.

May this be a lesson for The Weather Channel’s Twitter editors to think before they tweet. Everyone is watching you and nothing gets by the social media eagle eyes.