There’s Only One Kim Kardashian As A Saudi Woman Found Out, The Hard Way

Kim Kardashian may not have actually done anything to become as famous as she is, but nonetheless, she is not only famous, she is also influential. But not always in the best possible way.

Now, given that Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed women in the world and has turned her looks into a fortune worth an estimated $40 million — what woman wouldn’t want to emulate the signature Kim Kardashian style?

The main attraction on the long-running reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians collects $80,000 per episode just for hanging around with her family and being herself, whatever being herself involves. For that matter, with more than 19 million followers on Twitter, Kim Kardashian reportedly gets paid $10,000 for a single tweet endorsing a product.

That’s $72 for each character she types, for those of you keeping score at home.

But none of those reasons were why one Saudi Arabian woman tried her best to imitate Kim Kardashian recently, with disastrous results.

According to a story on the Saudi based TV and internet news channel Al-Arabiya, the woman decided to go all out to be like Kim simply because she noticed her husband admiring (or perhaps, “admiring”) pictures of the buxom beauty.

“I noticed that he admires Kim Kardashian, so I decided to be like her and even more beautiful,” the woman told an Arabic-language newspaper, Sada, according to Al-Arabiya.

Sadly, the project to morph herself into Kim Kardashian did not have the results that she hoped for.

“I changed my hairstyle and visited a plastic surgery clinic. I even tried to walk like Kim Kardashian in the hope my husband would be more attracted to me, but the results were not as I had wished,” she was quoted as saying. “He said he did not like what I have done and started to argue about what I have done before he decided to divorce me and marry another woman.”

At least one commentator, however, is taking the divorce story with a hefty grain of salt. Writing an opinion column on the Al-Arabiya web site, London-based fashion editor Ahlya Fateh compared the Kim Kardashian lookalike story to an earlier “urban myth” about a man who was somehow embarrassed by his bride at their wedding — so he divorced her then and there and married one of her bridesmaids instead.

Myth or fact, the story shows that there’s only one Kim Kardashian. And that’s plenty.