Green Bay Packers to do list

It feels kind of silly to say the reining Green Bay Packers would have stuff to work on, but NFL roster need constant work and adjustment. Elite programs know this better than all as they remain elite franchises by making all sorts of moves both large and small. This team did an excellent job at addressing their needs via the draft, as usual. That leaves them with some minor moves, and some free agency concerns to deal with.

The most significant free agency issues seem to be in the WR Corps. Donald Driver and James Jones are set to become free agents when the NFL gets back to business. The Packers did draft WR Randall Cobb in this year’s draft so one of these men is unlikely to return. Since Driver is 36 I would expect the team to work at resigning Jones, but we will have to see on that one.

Since they also added RB Alex Green, and James Stark had an impressive rookie season I would expect this team to lose Brandon Jacobs in free agency. That leaves the RB corps a little shaky as they will look for Stark to build on his performance and return Ryan Grant from a season ending ankle injury. This team needs to get on the field and flush out that issue.

Then we get to the situation at Guard along the offensive line. It seems that starting Guard Daryn Colledge will leave via free agency, and that his backup Jason Spitz will try to leave to be a center from someone else. This team did draft Caleb Schlauderaff in the sixth round of this year’s draft, but they may need to look around the free agent market to get a veteran who can start right away.

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