Bags Of Body Parts Discovered Dumped Along Road In Michigan

Bags of human body parts would be extremely disturbing to discover anywhere. On Thursday, several witnesses observed a middle aged woman tossing garbage bags along Allington Road in St. Clair, Michigan. According to St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon the first witness actually stopped to look inside the bags, possibly hoping to clean up the discarded trash. Immediately, the citizen contacted police to report the dumped bags of body parts.

Several bags were discovered, including one found on nearby Fred Moore Highway. The scene was something out of a horror movie. Sheriff Donnellon described the scene to CBS affiliate THV11:

“It’s so scary I can’t even put it into words the concept of why, what kind of person could kill somebody to begin with and then throw their body parts around.”

Many of the body parts were no longer in the bags and were laying uncovered in contrast to the freshly fallen white snow. As of Friday morning, the Michigan State Police Crime Lab was still counting and tagging the various body parts. At least one head and one torso were confirmed by investigators.

Fortunately, some witnesses were able to get a partial description of the vehicle and driver. The vehicle is being described as a gray or tan late 90’s model sport utility vehicle, most likely a GMC Jimmy or Chevrolet Blazer. The driver is simply being described to the media as a “middle aged” female. State police are asking anyone with information about the bags of body parts dumped in St. Clair county to call St. Clair County Central Dispatch at (810) 987-1744.

Back in 2012, Detroit area police discovered body parts being dumped in the Sterling Heights sanitation system. Even more disturbing was the December FBI raid of a man’s business for the illegal selling and trading of human body parts. The disturbing discoveries are eerily close together, though police have not begun to speculate on the most recent terrifying incident.

For now, police are treating the dumped bags of body parts as a homicide.