Bindi Irwin 2014 Photos At 15 Shows Her All Grown Up

If you take Bindi Irwin’s 2014 photos at 15 and compare them to when she was age 14 you might not even recognize the two pictures as being the same person.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Bindi celebrated her 15th birthday this past summer:

“So excited to be 15 today. I’m feeling blessed to be spending my birthday with my wonderful friends and family.”

Bindi Irwin 2014 Photos At 15 Shows Her All Grown Up

She also started dating a lucky boy named Bailey “Bazz” Lancaster but some people thought age 15 was too young for Bindi to have a boyfriend. Some minds might be changed on that account when you see latest photos. While everyone knows how quickly kids can grow up it’s still pretty amazing to compare photos from seven months ago to recent 2014 pictures:

If you check out Bindi Irwin’s 2014 photos taken during the recent AACTA Awards in Sydney, Australia she almost look like a different woman:

Bindi Irwin At 15Still, based upon the featured image at the top of this article it’s obvious it’s not just the makeup. Her facial structure has undergone a metamorphosis that leaves her looking very mature indeed.

Last year, Bindi was thrust into the limelight when Steve Irwin’s daughter was falsely reported as dead on the internet. The rumor of Bindi Irwin’s death began when search engines incorrectly combined “Steve Irwin daughter” with news related to the 2006 death of Steve Irwin. When search results such as “Steve Irwin daughter dies” began trending writers took notice and immediately began publishing.

In actuality, Bindi Irwin recently starred in a film called Return to Nim’s Island. Bindi’s Discovery Kids programs will include Bindi’s Bootcamp and Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors, which released on DVD in 2013. Bindi’s Bootcamp is an adventure game show and she continues her father’s dream, saying, “I’m a great believer in conservation, kid-empowerment and all things to do with wildlife.”