Deputy Shot And Killed In Utah While Trying To Help A Motorist

A deputy was shot and killed in Utah while making a stop to help what appeared to be a stranded motorist. Sergeant Cory Wride, 44, was a 19-year veteran sheriff’s deputy, who was known for being a helpful person, called in a “motorist assist” on Thursday afternoon. When he did not check back in with the dispatcher at the appropriate time, deputies were sent to his location, only to discover officer Wride had been shot to death.

What took place over the next few hours was a high speed chase spanning across two counties. The chase came with a high cost. With Utah County sheriff’s deputies in pursuit, the unidentified suspect began firing from the vehicle with a “high powered” rifle. Deputy Greg Sherwood, the first to pursue the suspect, was also shot in the head during the chase. He is recovering in the hospital and his prognosis is good.

Not ready to give up just yet, the shooter crashed the vehicle and went in search of another car. While firing shots in the air, the suspect finally found a vehicle to steal. No one else was killed in the high speed shooting spree.

Chase gave way to neighboring Juab County where Juab County deputies took over. They overcame the suspect on I-15, when the stolen car crashed. In a violent exchange of gunfire, the suspect was wounded and apprehended. An unidentified woman was also with him who was immediately taken into custody.

Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy believes the two suspects had planned an ambush. Deputy Wride was shot through the head and killed before ever exiting his vehicle. Tracy told the media, “He may have very well parked by the side of the road, hoping that some officer would stop behind him.”

The incident comes just weeks after a police officer shot and killed his family, then committed suicide in nearby Spanish Fork.

Sergeant Cory Wride was a family man who enjoyed the outdoors. He loved horses and even rode in the Utah County posse for parades. His cousin and neighbor, Blair Wride, said, “They’re a really close family. They’re always involved with each other.” Coming from a line of civil service family members, the shooting death of Cory Wride was a shock to everyone. But no one will be more affected than his wife Nanette and the five children they were raising together.