Kanye West Doesn’t Want His Daughter On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ [Rumor]

Kanye West doesn’t want daughter North West anywhere near his fiance’s reality TV show.

Just because Kim Kardashian is currently involved with Keeping Up with the Kadashians doesn’t mean that the rapper wants his baby to appear on the program. According to recent rumors, Kanye is completely against putting his daughter on-display in such a fashion.

An anonymous source recently dished to Radar Online that the rapper is entirely opposed to having North West appear on the popular reality television program. Although Kim reportedly wants to introduce North West to the world on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the rapper is putting his foot down on the subject.

“Kim really wants to put North on the show. Viewers and fans of the show want to see Kim interact with her daughter, and how she is as a mother. Kim has always been an open book with her fans but once Kanye came on the scene, that all changed. Kanye shuts Kim down whenever she brings it up,” an anonymous source explained.

The insider continued, “[Kanye West] doesn’t want his daughter ever to appear on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ He thinks reality television is tacky, and doesn’t want North on display. He will be very happy when Kim is done with the show.”

The website claims that Kanye West compromised with Kim by allowing the folks at E! to film their upcoming wedding. The Inquisitr previously reported that the cable network will also foot the bill for the ceremony. Of course, none of this information was officially confirmed by Kim or Kanye West as of this writing.

“Kim persuaded Kanye to let the cameras roll because E! will pick up most of the cost of the wedding and it’s a lot easier for a network to deal with logistics of a foreign wedding than if it were just the two of them planning it,” another insider said about the rumored deal.

The source added, “Even though Kim’s marriage to Kris [Humphries] was a disaster, she was very happy with how the wedding and reception turned out.”

Kim Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmell earlier this month that she and Kanye West plan to tie the knot in Paris. However, no one seems to know when the highly-anticipated event will take place. Chances are everyone will hear about the wedding date as soon as it’s official.

What do you think about Kanye West forbidding North West to appear on his fiance’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians?