Macaulay Culkin Reportedly Refusing To Visit Dying Father

Macaulay Culkin is refusing to reconcile with his dying father, reportedly rejecting overtures from the 69-year-old Kit Culkin to make up over the rift that tore them apart.

Culkin was emancipated from his parents at a young age, and has reportedly been out of contact with his father for well over 20 years. But in recent weeks, Kit Culkin’s health has reportedly took a turn for the worse after a massive stroke, and family members have been hoping that Macaulay can put aside their differences and visit his father.

With a grim prognosis for Kit, Macaulay Culkin doesn’t have much time left to visit his father, but the National Enquirer reported that the actor has made no attempt to see his dad.

The issues between Macaulay and Kit are far from ancient history. After rumors surfaced in 2012 that Macaulay was addicted to drugs and losing control of his life, Kit spoke to the press to say he was very worried about his son.

“I hope that he has the right people looking after him,” Kit told The Sun.

The remarks reportedly didn’t sit well with Macaulay, who has denied having a drug addiction.

In fact, observers noted that Macaulay Culkin has been looking healthier and happier in recent months. In the fall, he showed up to a Robot Chicken panel at Comic-Con in New York. Culkin wore jewelry and over-sized sunglasses with a pair of pink fluffy bunny ears, smiling for fans as he took the stage.

Culkin has also been busy with his band, Pizza Underground, which is a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band.

He also has been seen with a much healthier physique than in the previous months, when photographers snapped Culkin looking almost skeletal.

Macaulay Culkin emancipated from his parents at age 16, claiming they had mismanaged his money. He left with $17 million.