‘Stay In School’ Viral Video Ending Shocks The World

The Stay in School viral video has everyone talking – and if viewers watch it through to the end they will find out why. Folks who cover their eyes during horror flicks may want to step away from the computer screen during the final 30 seconds of the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia public service announcement video.

The Australian Stay in School video begins with a group of very happy teenagers apparently skipping school to enjoy a day at the beach. Peppy music plays as the teens enjoy the road trip and then bounce around in the sand and surf. The day does not end well for the two couples. “This is what happens when you slack off. Stay in school,” says the text which appears across the final scene.

Although the blood and gore in the music video style public service announcement has highly offended some viewers, the beginning of the video most likely attracted and kept the attention of the teen demographic.

The Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia is a non-profit organization which promotes the importance of education for people of all ages. The new Stay in School video commercial launched on January 28, and has attracted millions of views so far.

The viral video was created by the Henry & Aaron production company. Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann are award winning filmmakers from Perth, a western Australian district. In 2013 Henry & Aaron’s 7 Steps to Superstardom was nominated for four WA Screen Awards, including a Best Actor nomination for James Helm. The long-time friends began collaborating professionally in 2007 by creating a series of comedy shorts. In 2009 the mates teamed up with Lauren Elliott and founded the Perfectly Adequate production company.

In 2011, the team of filmmakers won the inaugural Movie Extra Webfest award, garnering $50,000 to produce the 7 Steps to Superstardom series. The series debuted on both Foxtel and YouTube in 2011. The 2012 production of It’s A Snap! created for the Central Institute of Technology also went viral. The popularity of the video on an international scale resulted in a signing offer with CAA, a top Hollywood talent agency.

When not involved with Henry & Aaron projects, Aaron often reportedly “indulges his love for horror comedy” with SAR Films’ Stefan A. Radanovich. His horror comedy talents surely shine thought in the Stay in School viral video.

WARNING: Graphic Video

What do you think of the viral video prompting teenagers to stay in school?

[Image Via: Screen Grab]