Barry Gibb Offers Justin Bieber Lifesaving Advice

Barry Gibb has enjoyed fame and fortune as a former member of the Bee Gees. However, he admits the lifestyle can be difficult to manage. After losing three brothers, the icon has some lifesaving advice for teen idol Justin Bieber. Gibbs said the troubled teen needs “to grow up” before it is too late.

At the age of 19, Bieber has already enjoyed success as a talented singer, songwriter, musician, performer, and record producer. He has received numerous awards and has millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunately, his personal and legal issues have overshadowed his early success.

Within the last seven days, the teen idol was arrested twice in unrelated incidents. Last week, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for driving under the influence, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. Authorities said the teen was pulled over for drag racing.

As reported by CNN, his urine tested positive for marijuana and Xanax, which is a prescription tranquilizer.

On Wednesday, the performer was arrested for assaulting a limousine driver outside a Toronto nightclub on December 30. Authorities said Bieber and his friends were being driven to a hotel when the argument ensued. According to the police report, one of the passengers “struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times.”

Barry Gibb compares Justin Bieber to his youngest brother Andy, who was also a troubled teen idol. Although he officially died of natural causes at the age of 30, years of drug and alcohol abuse likely contributed to Andy’s death.

Gibb said Bieber is “heading for a brick wall.” He admits the lifestyle makes it difficult to stay out of trouble. However, at some point the partying needs to stop:

“You have a lot of people around you that just want to have a party, you know… And… I think that’s the problem. It’s always the problem… This kid’s got great gifts, you know… I just think it’s time to grow up… “

The former Bee Gee said Bieber’s incredible talent proves he is capable of discipline. He simply needs to “apply that discipline” to the rest of his life. In an interview with Today, Gibb said the teen idol worked hard for his achievements. However, he will likely “lose them in the long run” if he continues on his current path of personal destruction.

Barry Gibb’s advice for Justin Bieber is significant. However, it is difficult to predict whether the teen idol will take it to heart.

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