North Korea Warning Of Nuclear War Followed By Rare Media Outreach

The North Korea warning that nuclear war would be “imminent” if the United States and South Korea continue with alleged military maneuvers against the nation have been followed by a rare series of media outreach by the Asian nation.

While angry threats and anti-American propaganda from North Korea is nothing new, discussions with the press and members of foreign embassies is a rare occurrence. Diplomatic outreach included a one-on-one interview with an ambassador to the United Kingdom. The international media outreach sessions reportedly focused upon the “importance of inter-Korean reconciliation. North Korean diplomats are known from their reluctance chat with journalists, but ambassadors hosted press events in multiple major cities around the world in recent days.

DPRK Ambassador to the United States Sin Son Ho read an open letter to the South Korea National Defense Commission during one media event. The letter reaffirmed the warning for the United States and South Korea to halt military maneuvers immediately to avert a nuclear war. The letter went on to state that that North Korea’s relationship with America could be “normalized” if Washington, DC terminated its “hostile policy” against the country.

Sky News Defense Correspondent Alistair Bunkall had this to say about conducting a rare interview with a North Korean ambassador:

“We agreed the full interview would be made available on the Sky News website and iPad app. That way the Embassy were assured the Ambassador’s words could be heard in their full context and we could showcase this rare wide-ranging interview. In fairness to the Embassy we were told we could ask anything we liked, and the reality matched the promise. Of course though there was an agenda and on this occasion the interview was pegged to the open letter sent by Pyongyang to Seoul earlier this month.”

Electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP) in North Korea are being developed with the aid of Russia, according to reports by South Korea’s spy agency. According to details of the surveillance report published on Channel News Asia, Russian technology is being used to create electromagnetic pulse weapons in order to paralyze the military electronics south of the border. North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is capable of landing a nuclear weapon in America, according to a Washington Times report.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) stated in a government report that North Korea bought EMP weaponry from Russian in order to mimic the technology and develop their own versions of the deadly instruments. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un views cyber attacks combined with EMP missiles and nuclear weapons as an “all-purpose” attack plan, according to the NIS document. North Korea is allegedly attempting to hack into smartphones, as well.

Although it is unclear how successful Kim Jong-un’s officials have been, they are allegedly attempting to lure South Korea citizens into becoming informants. If spy claims are accurate, North Korea has been given information about the South’s chemical substances stores, transportation networks in major cities, and oil reserves.

Spies from the rogue nation are also reportedly living and operating in Japan and China. The undercover agents have allegedly been tasked with distributing pro-Pyongyang propaganda. Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea.

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