Miley Cyrus Should Really Stop Twerking, Says Ed Sheeran

Miley Cyrus isn’t getting any love from Ed Sheeran at the moment.

Although the “I See Fire” singer rarely lobs any a negative remarks in the general direction of his fellow singers, apparently Sheeran isn’t a huge fan of Cyrus’ recent shenanigans. Ed freely admits that Miley’s music is strong, but he’s ready for the twerking to stop.

“Twerking is what strippers do. It’s a fact. If you go to a strip club, not that I go to strip clubs, but if you go to a strip club, they twerk,” Sheeran explained.

He added, “You shouldn’t be encouraging little kids to twerk. Stop doing this, Miley Cyrus, please. Stop. Stop. Sing ‘Wrecking Ball.’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ is a great song.”

Since twerking is essentially what helped Miley Cyrus make headlines during the last part of 2013, chances are she won’t stop shaking her rump for the masses anytime soon. Although Sheeran’s morals are in the right place, apparently he doesn’t quite understand the commercial power of a controversial gimmick.

Although Miley Cyrus and her endless twerking recently drew the unexpected ire of Sheeran, the singer-songwriter was quick to defend Taylor Swift’s enthusiastic dancing during the 2014 Grammy Awards. Since Swift isn’t afraid to bust a move whenever the urge strikes, she ended up doing a little damage to her delicate dress.

“It broke. There was this country song and she was dancing like Rick Ross and it snapped. It wasn’t really a wardrobe malfunction. It’s what’s meant to happen to a dress like that. You’re not meant to stay in that sort of dress,” he explained.

If Sheeran has issues with Miley Cyrus’ dance moves, then he’ll probably want to avoid her recent Unplugged set for MTV. At one point during the show, the former Hannah Montana star teamed up with Madonna for a performance of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop.” Not surprisingly, the duet went even extremely well with those in attendance.

Even Miley Cyrus admitted she was blown away by Madonna’s involvement. She said, “That was pretty cool, you guys. It was one of those days that was pretty easy to get out of bed. I get to perform with Madonna in bedazzled cowboy boots. I can’t really complain about anything. Well, I can’t perform when I’m stoned. That’s one thing to complain I guess.”

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus? What do you think about Ed Sheeran pleading with the “Wrecking Ball” singer to stop twerking?