Taylor Swift Couldn’t Keep Wiz Khalifa Awake At The 2014 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift couldn’t keep Wiz Khalifa awake during her performance at the Grammys.

Although the young singer definitely gave it her all during her piano-driven rendition of “All Too Well,” apparently this wasn’t enough to keep the rapper conscious. Wiz Khalifa admitted during an appearance on Fashion Police that Taylor Swift essentially bored him to sleep.

“I loved that you had the good watch on, which is the detail. How many times did you check that watch during Taylor Swift’s endless ballad?” co-host Joan Rivers asked the rapper during his appearance on the program.

“I love Taylor, but I’m not even gonna lie, I fell asleep. Just a little bit… then I woke back up,” Wiz Khalifa revealed. Apparently all of that headbanging couldn’t keep the guy awake.

Although the rapper said that Taylor Swift put him to sleep, his wife Amber Rose wanted to keep her comments positive. Instead of criticizing Swift’s performance, she expressed her love for the singer. However, chances are most folks will focus on her husband’s remarks.

Taylor Swift can’t seem to catch a break these days. Not only did people have a laugh at her reaction to the Album of the Year announcement — Swift momentarily thought she’d won the honor — the masterminds behind Twisted Genre poked fun at her “All Too Well” performance by injecting Ryu from Street Fighter into the mix.

Have a look at the aforementioned viral video below.

However, Taylor Swift did receive some love from her fans after the “All Too Well” performance. Check out some Twitter reactions to her 2014 Grammy Awards appearance.

if you dont like all too well bc you're too "cool" to admit that taylor swift is talented you're hopeless

— (@catchingswifts) January 30, 2014

What did you think about Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards? Are you surprised that Wiz Khalifa couldn’t stay awake during the song?

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