Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez Named Top ‘Most Powerful Girls Over 21’ In Hollywood

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are not only BFFs, now they have been named the top two “Most Powerful Girls Over 21” in Hollywood for Seventeen magazine’s 70th anniversary issue, out in newsstands February 4.

The two former Disney stars can sing and dance, something they’ve been doing from a very young age, and it has paid off.

After a few tumultuous years earlier in her life — which she has chronicled very publicly — Demi Lovato is in top form again, preparing for her Neon Lights tour.

Demi Lovato is dubbed “The Cool Chic” by the teen magazine and notes that the singer didn’t get her award for her number one song, being an X Factor judge, or her new book,

What the magazine considered to be Demi’s best asset was her concern for girls who suffer from self-harm — like she did — and addiction.

Seventeen asked the pop star: “When do you feel badass?”

Demi Lovato responded:

“When I’m being influential to people who really need some guidance. I could keep my self-harm and addiction issues private, or I could use them to help other people. I chose the latter, and it’s been the best decision of my life.”

Demi Lovato’s best friend, Selena Gomez gets the title “The Mogul” for her entrepreneurial spirit which has her not only scoring a number one song in the Billboard 200, but designing clothes for Kmart and Adidas, having a production company, and is using some of her millions to invest in an app start-up.

Gomez — who has a combined 77 million followers across all her social media platform — says of feeling powerful:

“This year is when I really started feeling powerful. I had always been the underdog secretly. I was on Disney when it was Miley (Cyrus), the Jonas Brothers, and Demi (Lovato). I questioned the way I looked, acted, sang, and wrote. Then I turned 20, went through a really bad breakup, and realized I needed to have ‘Come & Get It’ be amazing. I wanted it all to be me. I’m glad it’s taken me this long to get where I am because now I am ready for it.”

demi and selena

Even though Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are two of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood, they go way back. The pair has been best friends since they were about seven-years-old, but had a falling out for a few years.

Selena recently admitted that she broke off her friendship with Demi because she was confused:

“She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing. I processed it saying, ‘OK, I don’t understand what she’s going through so I’m just going to do this.’ I don’t think it was fair, and I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now.”

“Demi’s very, very strong. She’s the only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person.”

Joining Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in the top five spots are “The Rebel:” Miley Cyrus; “The Philantropist:” Victoria Justice, and “The Bodyguard:” Chloe Grace Moretz.