Anna Kendrick Debates Her Own Hotness In Newcastle ‘Non-Super Bowl’ Ad

The ad for Newcastle Brown Ale is set up as a behind-the-scenes discussion with Kendrick about a commercial that was never actually filmed. Anna starts by mocking the fact that even Super Bowl ads can’t use the words “Super Bowl,” and every time she mentions the words they are bleeped out.

Viewers then find out that Newcastle doesn’t have the money for a real Super Bowl ad anyway, which leads to Kendrick debating aloud whether she is “beer commercial hot.”

“I was surprised I even got offered the part, you know?” Kendrick says. “Cause I don’t think of myself as like ‘beer commercial babe’ hot, you know?”

Kendrick then goes into an in-depth assessment of her true level of hotness.

“I mean, I’m hot but like approachable hot, like the hottest girl in your improv class hot. Like, hot to the kind of guys who… feel bad for calling a girl hot.”

Anna Kendrick has been pushing the boundaries of comedy quite a bit lately. The Pitch Perfect star recently appeared in Los Angeles for a table reading of the movie American Pie, one in which she actually played the crude jock-boy Steve Stifler. Though the reading generated quite a bit of interest online, fans will likely never see the twist Kendrick put on Stifler’s character

“This is a cold reading. Many of these people just met. Some know each other. The rest hate each other,” said American Pie director Chris Weitz. “The performance cannot be recorded, photographed, or streamed. In fact, I don’t even think you should remember it.”

But as Anna Kendrick says in the Newcastle commercial, there are two things she still hasn’t done yet — a nude scene and “get paid a s***t-ton of money to be in a commercial… for a beer I don’t drink.” The commercial that never ended up being made, Kendrick said, would have done both of those things.