First Footage of Uncharted 3’s Co-op Mode

The Uncharted 3 information blowout continues today with developer Naughty Dog releasing our very first look at Uncharted 3‘s co-op mode.

Revealed first on the most recent episode of GameTrailers TV, the trailer shows off Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan as they work together on a mission in Syria. As you’d expect if you’ve played an Uncharted game before, the two get themselves into all manner of trouble and have to work together to take out the new baddies.

Of particular interest (to me, at least) in the video is a segment where the two climb up a tower, having to engage in a vertical-oriented gun battle to make their way to the top. It may be a small moment in the grand scheme of the game but it actually looks pretty awesome. It also goes to show just how dedicated Naughty Dog is to finding new ways to keep all of the gunfights you’ll be getting yourself into fresh.

via vg247