Terry Crews Goes On Joyride With The Muppets In Toyota Super Bowl Ad

This week Toyota released its 60-second Super Bowl ad, which features the Muppets and actor Terry Crews going on a joyride together in the Toyota Highlander.

In the spot, Crews is driving along a desolate road when he spots the Muppets band bus broken down. The band piles into Terry’s Highlander, taking him for a joyride that includes a trip to a bingo game and what appears to be a Mardi Gras style parade.

The spot ends with Terry Crews dancing from the sunroof of the Toyota Highlander in his driveway, apparently having hallucinated the entire episode.

Since being posted to Toyota’s YouTube page on Tuesday, the Terry Crews spot has already garnered more than 1.3 million views.

“Room for a whole flock of chickens, Terry Crews, a grand piano and the Muppets, but no room for boring,” the description notes. “Sing along and see the all-new Toyota Highlander in the roomiest Big Game Ad of all time!”

The Super Bowl commercial has another purpose beside pushing the Highlander. It also gets audiences ready for the next Muppets movie, Muppets Most Wanted, which is due out March 21.

The latest movie takes the entire Muppets gang on a world tour, but as they’re performing overseas they become entangled with the international criminal known as Constantine — who happens to look just like Kermit. The gang gets caught up in Constantine’s big caper, while Kermit is mistaken for the criminal and thrown in prison.

Muppets Most Wanted is directed by James Bobbin, a veteran of the Muppets franchise.

“It’s great to be back working with the Muppets, some of them even remember my name occasionally now,” Bobbin said. :As for the movie, it’s a tip of the hat to the old-school crime capers of the ’60s, but featuring a frog, a pig, a bear and a dog — no panthers, even pink ones — along with the usual Muppet-y mix of mayhem, music and laughs.”

Muppets Most Wanted also bring in a host of big-name celebrities for cameos, though Terry Crews is not among them.