Leonardo DiCaprio’s Step Brother Arrested For Drugs

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a very successful run this Oscar season, but some news broke that might dampen the actor’s mood. His older step brother Adam Farrar was recently arrested on drug-related charges, theft, and harassment.

Farrar, who shares the same mother with the Wolf of Wall Street actor, was arrested on January 24. Charges are said to be possession of a dangerous drug, theft, and harassment via a phone. Leonardo Dicaprio’s older brother was subsequently put in cuffs when he tried to pay a visit to his girlfriend, Charity Moore. In addition, DiCaprio’s step brother had outstanding warrants out for his arrest.

According to Lt. John Norton from the Collin County Sheriff’s Office:

“Adam Farrar came in to visit an inmate, and we arrested him at that time. We were aware of the warrants out for him in Los Angeles.”

If Adam Farrar is convicted of these felonies, he could spend an awful long time in jail. As for his girlfriend and mother of his child, she was arrested a mere five days prior to Farrar’s arrest. His girlfriend was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance, theft, two counts of possession of a dangerous drug, and a Class C Misdemeanor for her daughter, Normandie, not attending school.

Leonardo DiCaprio's brother

Leonardo DiCaprio’s niece’s whereabouts are currently unknown, and Radar Online is reporting that not even DiCaprio’s family knows where the six-year-old is. According to Radar Online:

“Adam and Charity have been hiding with Normandie in Texas, away from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Service, who have long been involved in their cases due to their criminal pasts. They had been staying in North Dallas. Now, no-one in the family is sure where their daughter is, at this time.”

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently estranged from his older brother, and has been embroiled in a bitter feud with Adam. Years before Adam Farrar fell down a troubled path, Leonardo was often seen at Lakers games with his brother and attended big Hollywood parties together.

Farrar isn’t a stranger to his younger brother’s profession. While he was younger, in 1980, he appeared on the TV show Galactica. So far Leonardo DiCaprio has not commented on this personal family matter and going from his private nature, he isn’t expected to make a statement.

Currently Leonardo DiCaprio is wrapping up a long promotional season for his film The Wolf of Wall Street, which earned the actor an Academy Award nomination.