LeBron James Sitting Out More Gives Kevin Durant Opportunity

LeBron James has been sitting out more this season than he is used to. Heading into a showdown with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, LeBron James is averaging a career low 36.9 minutes per game. Coinciding with his reduction in minutes has been an incredible run of MVP caliber basketball for Kevin Durant.

Over the last ten games, Durant has been posting ridiculous offensive numbers. He is averaging 37.5 points, six rebounds, and six assists during that time, bringing his season totals to 31.3 points, almost eight rebounds, and five assists. His other worldly production has many wondering if Durant has possibly passed LeBron James in the MVP race.

While Durant is destroying the rest of the NBA, it’s not like LeBron has been sitting back taking it easy. Over his last 10 games, he has been lighting it up as well. His staggering 28.4 points, seven rebounds, and six assists proves the four time MVP isn’t ready to hand over the trophy. Lebron James is a champion and wants to keep it that way.

But a recent downturn in playing time has some wondering if there is trouble in paradise. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has been limiting the minutes of both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade this season, in hopes to keep them fresh for the NBA playoffs this spring.

In Sunday’s nationally televised game against the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron saw the least amount of playing time he has seen all season, just 28 minutes. Picking up on the trend, many were left wondering if something is wrong with LeBron. Nothing is wrong, but LeBron’s not a big fan of the reduced playing time either.

“Yeah, I don’t like playing less,” said James after Sunday’s victory against the Spurs. “I don’t feel like I need to play less. I can understand that we’ve been playing a lot of basketball, so Spo is monitoring that as well. But don’t ever put it out there that LeBron wants to play less.”

With LeBron James sitting out more, the door is wide open for Kevin Durant to win the MVP trophy this season. Tonight’s match up, sure to be one of the most watched of the season, will tell viewers a lot about who the better player is. Also, don’t expect LeBron James to sit out too much in this one. He will be ready to prove that his time is not up yet.