iPad Mini With Retina Display Being Outsold By iPad Air

The iPad Mini with retina display was launched alongside of the iPad air in November 2013. Market analysts were waiting to see which one performed well out of the gate. With the final quarter of 2013 reports coming in, it looks like the iPad Air is a heavy favorite to outsell the iPad Mini with retina.

Though the new iPad Mini has been criticized for being too small to truly feature the retina display, the research report released by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) shows it is doing just fine. Performing in only two of the three months in the most recent quarter, the iPad Mini with retina managed to grab 16 percent of all iPad sales. Compare that to the original iPad Mini which garnered 25 percent of iPad sales over the full three months.

Combined, the two generations of iPad Mini were able to match the 41 percent sales shares obtained by the iPad Air. The iPad Air features a larger 9.7-inch screen and sports the thin form associated with Apple’s “Air” products. Released at the same time as the iPad Mini with retina, the iPad Air’s performance is especially remarkable. Though it was unable to match the outstanding final quarter of 2012 for the iPad with retina (43 percent), it should be noted the competition is much more stiff now. With five different iPad’s available to consumers, to grab over 40 percent of the sales is note worthy.

cirp ipad sales report

Even in an Apple market dominated by the newest release, surprisingly the iPad 2 managed to pull down five percent of overall sales. Based on the report by CIRP and current market trends, it would seem that Apple and other device oriented companies are trying to figure out the right size for tablets. Apple has certainly chosen to go the route of a smaller tablet, whereas other companies are trying a new size becoming known as the “phablet”.

While Apple has owned the tablet market, Android based tablets have begun to make huge leaps forward. In Europe, tablets running Android’s OS already outsell Apple’s iPad line. While US sales are holding steady for the iPad Mini with retina and the other iPad products, Apple should be concerned about their global market share. Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 6 release has rumors swirling about a potentially bigger iPhone.

For most consumer, the choice of iPad comes down to preference. Those who want a larger (but lighter), more traditional tablet, the choice appears to be the iPad Air. For the person who values a smaller tablet with a clearer picture, the iPad Mini with retina display is the favorite.