Olive Garden Offers Couples A Special ‘Parents’ Night Out’

Olive Garden has announced that they will be inviting parents to take a break from their ever so busy lives to join them for a special "Parents' Night Out" for parents in the Orlando Florida area. This event not only offers couples a special dining offer, but will also pick up the baby sitting tab!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, an unusual marketing partnership between the Olive Garden chain owned by Orlando-based Darden Restaurants and My Gym activity centers has sparked this new promotion for a one-night-only deal to help promote Olive Garden's two-for-$25 special.

Those taking part in Olive Garden's "Parents' Night Out" one-night event on February 7 can drop off their children at any of the 145 participating My Gym locations according to PR Newswire. My Gym has said they will have plenty of fun activities for the children while their parents enjoy a nice evening to themselves.

"With busy family schedules and everyone always on the go, it's challenging for parents to find time for a date night out," said Jay Spenchian, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden. "We're excited to partner with My Gym to offer this exclusive Parents' Night Out event, making it easier for couples to enjoy time together over a great meal at Olive Garden, while their kids are having a blast at My Gym."
Yahoo! reported that Olive Garden's two for $25 dinner is an "abundant three-course meal for two – all for $25." The two for $25 deal reportedly includes unlimited bread sticks and a choice of either homemade soup or a garden-fresh salad followed by a choice of either two entrees or a dessert to share. For more information about the menu choices, visit Olive Garden's Menu Specials. An Olive Garden spokeswoman said in an email that guests aren't limited to the two for $25 menu, they "are welcome to try other menu items during Parents' Night Out as well."
"My Gym and Olive Garden have similar goals in mind, to provide families with a fun, affordable and positive experience that both parents and children can enjoy," said Monique Vranesh, executive vice president of My Gym Enterprises. "During Parents' Night Out, we'll do just that by making a night out carefree and easy for adults while they're at Olive Garden and by providing kids with a fun, safe space to stay active."
The Orlando Sentinel reported that space is limited for this special one-night event. Each participating My Gym location can only take about 30 children and reservation will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. "My Gym requires a deposit which will be refunded at the end of the evening after customers show their Olive Garden receipts."

[Image via Melissa Bargains]