Darksiders II Announced, Coming in 2012 [Trailer]

THQ has announced ahead of E3 that the sequel for 2010’s surprise hit Darksiders is in the works for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Due out in 2012, the sequel follows War’s brother, Death, as he hacks, slashes and maims his way around the realm of the Abyss in an attempt to redeem humanity – and his brother.

Developer Vigil Games’ goal with the sequel, as revealed by Game Informer, is to provide a richer experience. Fans of the first game can expect more challenging dungeons, a wider variety of NPC interactions, and an expanded loot system.

If the news alone isn’t enough to get you stoked for the sequel, then perhaps this announcement trailer from the official Darksiders YouTube channel will do the trick. It admittedly doesn’t show all that much, but what it does give us is a glimpse of Death ruthlessly murdering his foes. What more could you ask for?