Juan Mata Debuts With Manchester United In 2-0 Win Over Cardiff

Juan Mata came to Manchester United in a £37 million record breaking deal and great things are expected of him.

The Spanish player made his debut with his new team on Tuesday against Cardiff at the Old Trafford. He didn’t score, but injected a positive attitude into the club that finds itself in an unusual seventh place in the Premier League.

Manchester United — one of the oldest soccer clubs not only in England, but all of Europe — has not been off to a great start during the first part of the Premier League season.

So much so, that manager David Goyes has threatened underperforming players, telling them he is prepared to sign the best players out there to bring the team back to where it’s supposed to be.

Juan Mata didn’t score any spectacular goals to make his debut memorable and only had a few brilliant plays, but the atmosphere within United was definitely a positive one and things can only improve once the nerves and newness of his new surroundings wear off.

The victory against Cardiff definitely stops the bleeding and with the promise of even more new players from Goyes, Manchester United seems invigorated.

Moyes is hoping that with the end of January and this last victory, a corner will be turned. Manchester United — before Juan Mata — lost four of their last seven games. In the game against Sunderland they lost after a disastrous penalty kick shootout.

On Tuesday, not only Juan Mata’s debut helped the Manchester United cause, but Wayne Rooney and Robin VanPersie returned to the field as well.

As to the Manchester United fans, they seem to be embracing Juan Mata, who said he has felt welcome from the start.

“@HuwgoBoss: Apparently there will be Juan Mata banners at the Bridge tonight pic.twitter.com/OySd8GMiwt” What a bunch of cocks

— ↘️The Bandit↙️ (@BlueWaterford) January 29, 2014

Even with Juan Mata starting, things weren’t smooth for Manchester United, but this may be a start, “I hope we will play better,” a frustrated Moyes said, “that would be the biggest thing.”