Hunter Hayes Admits He Is A ‘Total Geek’

Hunter Hayes has admitted it to the world! He’s a total geek and very proud of it! While talking to reporters, Hayes admit that his new song, “Invisible”, is a very deep and very personal one that he has been both excited nervous to share with his fans.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight just days before the Grammys, Hayes said that his new song was a “very personal tune about the struggles of being alone.” According to the Examiner, it was these struggles that prompted him to write the song. Even though he is a chart topping superstar, Hayes says that he still relates to the material that he has put into his song.

“It’s very personal. I love singing it because I love what it says. It’s about being misunderstood, right? It’s about being that outcast and that total geek, which I have always been and continue to be, very proudly,” he explained. “So, it’s all about that [and] being not afraid to be really passionate about what you do or whatever it is that makes you feel different.”

Hunter Hayes’ new album is reportedly filled with the same emotion that went into the making of “Invisible”. An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that Hayes is really digging deep into his should to find material for his new album.

“There’s a lot of soul-searching on this next record. That’s not intentional, like, ‘I want deep stuff on this next record.’ But I ended up with a very emotional record. There are higher highs and lower lows. [‘Invisible’] was the one we felt we would possibly be getting out first” Hunter Hayes explained during the chat with USA Today.

Hayes told MTV that he was shocked to be releasing “Invisible” as the first single off the new album because it was such a personal song.

“But the team actually heard it and said ‘No, we should.’ Then the Grammys heard it and said ‘Actually, we like it so much we’d like for you to introduce it the world on the biggest stage in music’.”

His team and the Grammys aren’t the only ones who love Hunter Hayes’ song “Invisible”, just check out what twitter has to say:

invisible by hunter hayes is perfect

— (@weekndmaIik) January 29, 2014

Haven’t had a chance to check out the song for yourself? Check it out below and share with us what you think of Hunter Hayes’ new song!

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