Imagine Dragons Super Bowl Show Live Streaming Online

Imagine Dragons will be bringing their Grammy award winning style to a pre-Super Bowl concert, hosted online by Rolling Stone. Bud Light is sponsoring a massive preview to this weekend’s NFL championship by rolling out some of the best concerts anywhere. Beginning Thursday, fans can visit the Rolling Stone website to check out the Super Bowl event featuring The Roots, Foo Fighters, and Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons are coming off a huge night at the 2014 Grammy awards, winning the Grammy for best rock performance with their song “Radioactive”. They managed to win the award over Rock icons David Bowie, Jack White, and Queens of the Stone Age. Their other big moment also involved “Radioactive”. The band from Las Vegas was set to perform with up and coming rapper, Kendrick Lamar. The pairing had many scratching their heads when it was announced.

But after the snubbed rapper and Grammy winning alternative rock band finished, the crowd and Twitter went wild. They even had Taylor Swift out of her chair, “dancing”. The performance featured Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar all decked out in white hazmat outfits and a stage covered in fog as “Radioactive” began. But when Lamar busted into the chorus spewing massive amounts of lyrics, something magical occurred. Watch the video in case you missed it.

The Imagine Dragons’ Super Bowl show is sure to be just as exciting, though as far as we know, Kendrick Lamar will not be joining them. Imagine Dragons will be featured on Rolling Stone at 12am EST Friday night (or Saturday morning if you want to be technical). Tune in to the website to check them out.

The Roots, who helped curate the line up for the event, will be featured on Thursday night at 11pm EST. Their Super Bowl preview show is subtitled, “The Roots Present Hip-Hop NYC”. They are expected to be joined by Busta Rhymes and Run DMC.

Imagine Dragons are not the only Grammy performers featured in the pre-Super Bowl show. Dave Grohl, who helped form a rock super group with Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age at the Grammys, will be playing with his band, Foo Fighters. They will go on Saturday night aboard an aircraft carrier stationed on the Hudson River, where the concerts are taking place.

Only 1,500 people will be able to get into the Bud Light sponsored event, so viewing the concerts online might be your best bet.

Are you going to watch the Imagine Dragons Super Bowl show on Friday night?