‘GTA 5’ PC Download Preorder Coming This Friday?

The GTA 5 PC download rumors are already surfacing after a Norwegian retailer listed the game as being available for preorder starting this Friday. Rumors have been flying ever since the code for a hacked PlayStation 3 version of the game was discovered to have mentioned files meant for a PC game, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Even a recent bug report had several lines about a PC version.

Though the GTA 5 PC release date is still unknown beyond a general time frame of early 2014, the online retailer has spawned rumors that Rockstar is close to getting it ready. The download preorder listing was confirmed when a UK-based Dixons Retail store manager allegedly said it was absolutely real.

It was also reported right here that the game had shown up on Amazon not long ago.

Could this mean that the wait to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC is almost over? The Inquisitr Xbox 360 game of the year upset PC gamers when the game released on Microsoft and Sony’s last generation machines, with no immediate plans to release it on the arguably most powerful gaming platform to date. This rumor could be enough to cheer them up.

Of course, with the Steam Machine being in the works from several developers, PC gamers who long for a high-performance console experience will probably be overjoyed by this news. The GTA 5 PC download is probably on its way within only a few months.

The wait for a GTA 5 PC download was probably nothing new to those who have witnessed the same thing happen to previous games in the series. There has always been about a year between releases of the console and PC versions. Of course, where there is a Windows version of a popular port, the Mac might follow.

We can’t be sure of that, though, as nothing has been announced for Apple gamers, and some say a GTA 5 Mac version isn’t in the cards. There have been older games that showed up in the iTunes store up to a decade later, so it’s impossible to know for sure.

Keep in mind that the GTA 5 PC download rumors are still just rumors, thanks to Rockstar not having officially announced it yet. The UK-based retailer seems confident that the game is on its way soon enough, so PC gamers might just keep their fingers crossed..