Wordpress could face serious competition - from Microsoft

Now before you begin laughing your asses off at me take a deep breath and get your Wordpress love back where it belongs. Calmed down? Good, now let's get on with the info shall we.

According to Ed Bott Microsoft has entered the field of blogging platform software with it's first generation release of Oxite. Of course folks will be quick to point out the fallacies of going with any first generation Microsoft anything. However this release of Oxite must be fairly stable since they are using it to power the MIX Online site.

From what I read on the Learn More About Oxite page the platform appears to be covering all the bases when it comes to a feature list. From being able to have seperate pages as well as your blog entries right up to supporting multi-author setups right out of the box.

Oh and did I mention - it's open source.

As Ed said in his post this could be one to watch

Of course, the biggest strength of WordPress is the developer/user community that has grown around it. Because Oxite is open source, Microsoft can tap the expertise of its own enthusiast developer community. That should allow the platform to grow much more quickly than it would if releases depended on the small team at Microsoft that produced Oxite.

This one is worth watching.

You can also watch the video with the Oxite team over on the Channel9 site (requires Silverlight 2 installed)