Motley Crue Members Sign Group ‘Death Pact’ To Break Up After ‘Final Tour’

Motley Crue made their retirement official as of Tuesday. All four members signed a group “death pact” that means the group will officially break up after a final tour. The 80s rock group has reportedly sold more than 80 million albums since first hitting the road in 1981, but all four original members seem to have come to the same conclusion, and Tommy Lee couldn’t have said it any better: “Everything must come to an end.”

Motley Crue turned “Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood into a circus Tuesday morning” as the Lost Angeles Times so elegantly put it, as more than 100 media outlets packed the place to hear what was called Motley Crue’s “biggest announcement of their career.” The rock group then announced that they are planning a goodbye tour that included 72 concerts in the United States and Canada before they officially retire for good.

“Other bands have split up over rancor or the inability of people to get along, but this is mutual among all four original members and a peaceful decision to move on to other endeavors and to confirm it with a binding agreement,” attorney Doug Mark said.

Guitarist Mick Mars, according to CNN, has even said that the group’s 33 year run has had “more drama than “‘General Hospital.'” After such a long career as a group, they want to see the group go out as a legacy according to ABC News.

“We always had a vision of going out with a big f**king bang and not playing county fairs and clubs with one or two original band members,” said Lee, who is the youngest member at 51. “Our job here is done.”

Motley Crue is holding 72 goodbye concerts, one for every virgin they got in June 1987.

— Jim Grammond (@jgrammond) January 29, 2014

Motley Crue’s lawyer said that all four original members of the rock band have signed the “cessation to touring agreement” or otherwise known as the band “death pact.” Their lawyer says that his pact would bring a peaceful end to the group. The agreement becomes effective at the end of 2015.