Jared Leto Is Really Worried People Will Think He’s A Jerk

Jared Leto admitted that winning lots of awards doesn’t come without its fair share of stress.

Since the 30 Seconds to Mars singer is collecting a ton of trophies for his performance in the drama Dallas Buyers Club, Leto admitted that he’s worried some people will think he’s a huge ego-driven jerk. The actor wants the world to know this simply isn’t the case.

In a world filled with unapproachable celebrities, Jared Leto seems exceptionally down-to-earth. During a recent chat with Radio One host Nick Grimshaw, the actor said he hopes people don’t get the wrong impression about him because of Dallas Buyers Club.

“I don’t want to sound like a jerk right now but somebody told me yesterday that I’ve won over 30 awards for it already. I didn’t even know there were 30 awards to win. The big ones were the Golden Globe and the SAG award,” Leto explained during his chat.

He added, “It was a labour of love; I hadn’t made a film in like six years. I read this script… I wasn’t looking to make a film really but I ended up reading this script and I fell in love.”

Jared Leto also wants everyone to understand that the cast and crew of Dallas Buyers Club didn’t make the flick with the hopes of scoring a ton of honors during awards season. All they wanted to do was make a great motion picture that people would enjoy.

“it was just about telling this story. It’s a really special story about a group of people who are struggling to stay alive. A group of people who decide to say, ‘No, I’m not going to accept the fate you’ve given me and I’m going to go out and try to do things differently.’ I feel really proud to be a part of it,” he explained.

Leto told The Daily Journal that he spent the entire Dallas Buyers Club shoot in character. The actor also lost 30 pounds before filming began.

Leto said about staying in character:

“How could you leave that beautiful creature? But, yeah, it was part of the process. I’ve done that many times, but not on all films. But in this one there were so many characteristics, so many attributes that were so far away from where I live my daily life. Even if you just talk about the voices and the mannerisms, every time the camera cut, I couldn’t just drop all that, and then every time they said action, pick it back up and remember everything. So I just chose to be there.”

If you missed Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, then you can fix that problem when the flick hits home video on February 4.