Duck Dynasty Star Sparks CNN Reporter Spat At State Of The Union

Duck Dynasty star Willie “Boss Hog” Robertson showed up at the State of the Union 2014 speech Tuesday night, and had Republican congressmen falling over themselves like little girls at a One Direction concert to get their pictures taken with him.

The Duck Dynasty regular also caused a spat among CNN reporters when he showed up at the event. The State of the Union speech is Washington’s equivalent of the Oscars, where eager reporters wait to toss a few, meaningless questions at incoming celebrities. In the case of the State of the Union, the celebrities are almost all members of congress. So when the Duck Dynasty star showed up, that’s what passed for Tinseltown glamor.

Deadline Hollywood reported on an awkward exchange between CNN correspondents Jake Tapper, stationed at the entrance to the congressional hall, and Dana Bash who was up in the gallery.

When Tapper threw it over to Bash, she described what she called a “surreal and bizarre” scene. But Tapper quickly cut her off when she said, “what I’m looking at now, Willie Robertson is one…”

Turns out that Vice President Joe Biden was walking past Tapper at the moment, which he deemed more newsworthy than Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson.

“I’m sorry to interrupt a discussion of Duck Dynasty,” Tapper said, rudely silencing his colleague. When Bash protested, Tapper remarked, “But, Dana, sorry, you were talking about one of the stars of Duck Dynasty.” Whereas Tapper was talking about Joe Biden.

Bash was then forced to explain that what she found newsworthy was not simply the arrival of a Duck Dynasty cast member — sporting full beard, caveman hair and trademark American flag bandana — but the fact that “a steady stream of congressman” were veering well out of their way to the spectator’s gallery just to have their pictures taken with Willie Robertson.

“It’s definitely something I’ve not seen in my many years covering this,” Bash said.

Indeed, Republican congressman, including some of the most conservative currently in office, seemed ecstatic to get their pictures taken with Willie Robertson.

When The Washington Post cornered the Duck Dynasty star after the State of the Union speech, and asked for his reaction, Robertson said simply, “it was good” — probably an evaluation on which most of those Republican Duck Dynasty fanboys in congress would disagree with their hero.