Jim Cantore: Weather Channel Reporter Knees Photobombing College Kid In The Groin

The Weather Channel veteran was live on the scene of the College of Charleston reporting on a winter storm when a college kid decided to jump into the shot. Cantore responded like a pro, delivering a swift kick to the groin and giving birth to a viral video sensation.

Jim Cantore, who has been dubbed the “Rock Star of Meterologists,” even had a quip ready to cap the incident.

“Obviously, here at the College of Charleston they are already having a good time,” Cantore said after delivering the swift knee to the kid’s groin.

The college student could have been a bit stealthier in his attempt to grab the spotlight. He came yelling into the shot as he ran toward the 49-year-old Cantore, who also serves as narrator for The Weather Channel’s Storm Series.

Even before the photobomb fail, Jim Cantore was making headlines this week for his comments on The Weather Channel. In an interview with CNN, Cantore said more people turn to his network for information about potentially dangerous weather than the National Weather Service.

“I really think when you kind of look at The Weather Channel overall, and you think about what happens before a storm, whether you’re an emergency manager’s office, whether you’re even at the National Weather Service or a local TV station, your first hint at what’s to come is from The Weather Channel,” he said.

Cantore also got some press this week when he was bumped from Dan Patrick’s show, where he was set to discuss the forecast for Super Bowl Sunday. Cantore got caught in the middle of a dispute between his network and DirecTV, which carries the Dan Patrick Show and recently dropped The Weather Channel.

There is still no word on whether the college kid who got kneed in the groin by Jim Cantore suffered any injuries, but if the video is any indication his pride may be a bit bruised.