Super Bowl 2014 Jaguar Ad Stars Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong [Video]

The Super Bowl 2014 Jaguar ad combines some of the most notable British villain actors to date to make a statement that “it’s good to be bad.” Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong are all British actors who regularly play villains, and the ad for the 2014 Jaguar has them ruminating over why such actors tend to be such great choices for such evil roles.

The accent can certainly help things along as one of them says later, but they also point out other things that contribute to such a menacing presence.

Ben Kingsley starts the video by stating, “Have you ever noticed that in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits?”

Kingsley would definitely know, having played the villain in almost every major movie he’s starred in, with the exception of Ender’s Game. Another British actor in this Super Bowl 2014 Jaguar ad is Mark Strong, who has a similar reputation, with a definite Lex Luthor look about him in the commercial. He is most commonly known as the villain from Kick Ass.

Strong adds, “Maybe we just sound right,” as he accepts his car keys from his assistant Mary and races off in a 2014 Jaguar.

Tom Hiddleston is next, riding in a helicopter with a cup of tea, “We’re more focused, more precise.” We probably know him best as Loki, a two-time Marvel villain who also helped his rival Thor in The Dark World.

Mark Strong and Ben Kingley continue, saying that they’re always one step ahead, with a certain style and an eye for detail. Tom Hiddleston adds, “And we’re obsessed by power.”

Mark Strong drives his 2014 Jaguar alongside a bus and looks inside at the passengers, who all seem to be asleep out of boredom. Hiddleston’s helicopter flies alongside the bus, looking down as he turns to the camera, “A stiff upper lip is key.”

The video comes to a stylish climax as Mark Strong finishes, “And we all drive Jaguars.”

The last scene of the Super Bowl 2014 Jaguar ad shows the faces of Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong in the background as Ben Kingsley stands tall in a tuxedo to deliver the final line.

Does the commercial make you want to drive a 2014 Jaguar F-Type Coup?