New SSX Trailer Reintroduces us to Mac

When the new SSX was first teased at last year’s E3, it was met with a loud frenzy — but probably not the sort of loud frenzy publisher EA Sports was hoping for. Going by the trailer, it seemed that then-called SSX: Deadly Descents was taking a decidedly large departure, with the trailer showing a more serious take on SSX with a military flair.

The publisher reassured fans that SSX would be just as fun and over-the-top as they remembered, but the fans weren’t biting. And, to be honest, in this post Modern Warfare world it’s hard to fault the fans for feeling a bit slighted by the series’ apparent new direction. Going by the latest trailer released by EA ahead of E3, it looks like there might not be that much to worry about after all.

The trailer shows off character Mac, who has the distinct pleasure of being one of the four characters appearing in every SSX title since the series’ beginnings in 2000. Beyond showing us that Mac is making a return with the ‘reboot’, the video serves to show us that the new title is, in fact, just as wild and crazy as it was in the past.

I wasn’t a hardcore SSX fan by any means, but seeing this trailer does have me at least a little excited for the series’ future. Check out the character trailer for yourself below and let us know what you think!