Watch 2014 State Of The Union Address Live Stream Online

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday night and is available to watch as a live stream online. This will be the fifth State of the Union address given by the 44th President of the United States. YouTube is just one of the ways you can watch the speech live streamed online.

Check out the White House’s official State of the Union website for all the details on where and how you can check in. The recent dropping approval ratings of President Obama have led to a more aggressive social media approach. With options to watch the speech online or follow along on Twitter, the White House hopes to engage an approximate 300 million people.

President Obama is expected to tackle the economy in the State of the Union address. The main focus for those tuning in online will be the issue of income inequality. President Obama has made plans to meet with Pope Francis in 2014 to discuss the issue of income inequality. Obama has openly praised the Pope for his beliefs that income inequality is a major issue in the west. The Democratic “War On Poverty” has been deemed a failure by Republicans. President Obama is expected to unpack a strategy for dealing with the growing disparity in income distribution.

Some other major issues the President will deal with in the live stream online will be executive action, gun control, and the perception that nothing has changed. Gun control is a major issue because of the rash of shootings that have occurred at universities, schools, and even malls. In last year’s State of the Union address, the President took on the subject of gun control. This led to a wave of new gun purchases, ammunition rationing, and an increase in concealed weapons permits.

If you prefer to watch the address on television, all of the major networks will be carrying coverage. You can also check out most of their affiliate news stations for extra coverage and discussion. Last year’s State of the Union address was the least watched since 2000. Many believe that this year’s version could receive even lower ratings. Low ratings are considered to be a major factor in the social media blitz by the White House.

Some Twitter users voiced their feelings about the State of the Union on Tuesday.

Will you be watching the State of the Union address live online tonight?