Mindy Kaling And Brad Pitt At SAG Awards: When Is A Photobomb Not A Photobomb?

Mindy Kalin, the actress, comedian, writer, and producer, found herself unwittingly photographed together with Brad Pitt at the recent Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony.

The media immediately rushed to claim that she was “photobombing” Brad. The problem is that being in a shot accidentally does not really comply with the definition of photobombing.

The real definition of photobombing is the act of inserting oneself into the field of view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects.

Andrea DenHoed has gone so far as to suggest that the photobomb label “implies a narrative of surreptitious sabotage,” meaning setting out to deliberately ruin the composition of the photo.

But, in this case, Mindy Kaling couldn’t help but photobomb Brad during the 2014 SAG Awards. All is explained in the tweet she sent: “I can’t see the stage! Get out of my eyeline!” Kaling tweeted along with the pic, which was taken when Pitt obviously was unaware that he was going to be photographed – otherwise he would not have had his eyes closed!

Mindy Kaling, looking great in a draped David Meister creation, wasat the ceremony to present the award for Female Actor in a Drama Series with James Marsden — and of course they had a little scripted banter:

“Oh, I wouldn’t really know [about TV dramas],” Kaling sniffed. “I don’t own a TV, I’m more into film.”

“I don’t really watch movies, I’m kinda more into books,” Marsden replied. Mindy Kalin simply didn’t believe him and said, “Come on, Marsden, no one has read a book in, like, 20 years.”

Mindy Kaling,34, is best known for portraying Kelly Kapoor on the NBC sitcom The Office and creating and starring as Mindy Lahiri in the FOX sitcom The Mindy Project.

She is also a co-executive producer, director, and writer of several of the show’s episodes. Mindy also wrote, was executive producer for and directed various episodes of The Office.