Cow Farts Cause German Dairy Barn Explosion - Fire In The Hole!

Of all the stories in need of multimedia support, "exploding cow farts" has got to be near the top.

Move over, deer farts. Cow farts are moving up in the world and there's only room for the flatulence of one 4-legged species 'round these parts (plus the deer is totally fake).

After all, you never heard of Bambi's butt bombs blowing up a barn. Cow farts have done just that, according to reports from Reuters and the German press.

The farts from 90 dairy cows at a farm in Rasdorf, Germany, built up enough methane gas to cause on explosion Tuesday, local police told the German-language General-Anzeiger. A police statement reported that "a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames."

Despite man's humor at the farts of all living creatures, explosions are no laughing matter. The BBC reports that cows are believed to emit up to 30,512 cubic inches (converted) of methane on a daily basis via farts and belching. Multiply that by 90, then understand that methane is not only a potent greenhouse gas and the primary component of natural gas, it's been tested by NASA as potential rocket fuel.

Needless to say, ventilation is important when dealing with cows and their farts, for more than simply avoiding the smell.

The cow fart explosion in Rasdorf was described as a flash fire, and caused damage to the structure's roof. No people were injured; one cow was treated for minor burns.

It's doubtful getting all those cows to wear Shreddies is a viable way of dealing with their farts, and that just takes care of the smell anyway.

Fun fart fact: pyroflatulence is an actual word. Take a moment to appreciate that while to enjoy the rest of your day. And appreciate the building your in didn't suffer an explosion due to cow farts.