Latoya Ammons Exorcisms: Exclusive Video Gives Tour Of Haunted Indiana Home

Meaghan Ellis

What police initially believed to be nothing more than a hoax appears to be far more serious than they thought. According to the Daily Mail, Latoya Ammons, along with her three children, were possessed by demons after moving into a family home in Gary, Indiana back in 2011.

Gary Police Captain Charles Austin stated that in his three decades on the force, he's never seen anything like Ammons' situation. "I walked in there thinking this was nothing but a hoax, a concocted story."

However, what he personally experienced that day in the spring of 2012 changed his perspective on Ammons' circumstances forever. The life-threatening case immediately became one of the most eerie and disturbing in Indiana history.

Now, new reports have surfaced in regards to an exclusive tape recorded by the Gary City Police Department. Capt. Austin spoke with the publication to recount the incident that changed his view of Ammons' bizarre case.


"I was skeptical. I was leading the pack through the house. We walked in and the first thing we see is in the living room there's a candle burning and a bible and a little altar with a crucifix – same in every room in the house. There was a drawing on the refrigerator done by one of the boys that was Jesus on the cross but behind him there looked like demonic figures."

He stated that the further he ventured into the home, the less assured he felt, as he began to realize that something was off.

"Underneath the stairs was dirt and a candle. I was trying to figure out what was going on there because the rest of the basement was cement," said Austin. "I took pictures of the candles and crucifix under the stairs on the dirt."

He also cited that the pictures subsequently disappeared from the phone's memory, and the phone never functioned the same way again. However, before the pictures disappeared, he reported that the revealed images in the background of the pictures. "The officer behind me took pictures of me standing in front of him and in his pictures he saw lots of figures too."

"Enough of this garbage," he said. "On leaving the property I went to a gas station and made a phone call. I had my police radio, my squad car dash AM/FM radio, my police cell and my iPhone. I was looking at the pictures I had taken on my iPhone when I made this call and all of a sudden this growling voice came from my AM/FM radio."

It said, "YOU OUTTA HERE" Then a lot of garbled other stuff and static."

Both initially made gratuitous strides to disprove Ammons' claims. Maginot stated that he conducted "one minor and three major exorcisms" on the mother of three, and had ultimately become a target of demonic attack following his involvement with Ammons.

She cited that the house, "'dripped oil,' that shadowy figures walked the rooms at night, that footsteps could be heard coming up from the basement only to be followed by a furious pounding on the door leading from it to the main house."

Ammons and her mother Rose Campbell, who resides with her and the children, also cited that "There were swarms of dead horseflies on the porch – swept up one day only to return in equal abundance the next. Lights flickered, phones played up, television signals scrambled and reverted to normal on a whim."

In the image below, a white figure appears in the right front window although no one was reportedly at home at that particular time.

Maginot stated that after the third exorcism Ammons fell asleep. It was reported that he gave her a mended rosary to take home with her. "I never heard from her again,' he said. 'I was anticipating more. I was anticipating another at least but it turned out the game was over."

After the final exorcism, Maginot visited the home once again and blessed it with what he referred to as a "more serious blessing."`

New tenants have already moved into the home and have not reported any paranormal activity. However, Maginot did tell the landlord Charles Reed, "If we don't deal with this now, properly, this will not go away. This will close the portal and seal it."