Marshawn Lynch Skittles Contract Celebrated With Special Seattle Mix

Marshawn Lynch and Skittles have been working together for years without an official contract. Lynch chews on the colorful candies to give him fuel for going “Beast Mode”. Skittles benefited with the Seattle Seahawks running back through free advertising. Now, according to ESPN, Marshawn Lynch and Skittles will take their relationship to the next level.

Skittles, owned by Wrigley, announced today that they officially worked out an agreement with Lynch that will pay the athlete an undisclosed amount for his partnership. Even more exciting for Seattle Seahawks fans will be the release of the Seattle Mix Skittles. Featuring blue and green Skittles, Seahawk fans can taste the rainbow in their native colors. Also, it will look really cool when they give Marshawn Lynch his next Skittles shower!

Lynch and the Seahawks have been growing in popularity nationwide, as evidenced by the fact three of their players have top ten selling jerseys on Many have wondered when Skittles would cash in on the growing visibility of their rainbow colored candy. It apparently took a Super Bowl appearance.

As of now there is no television deal for Lynch, but there will be a charity auction featuring specialty Skittles items. The auction will feature the Seattle mix bags, Skittles filled helmets, and other one of a kind items. Unless you live in the Seattle area, this is your only chance to get your hands on the Skittles Seattle Mix. All proceeds will benefit Marshawn Lynch’s charity, Fam 1st Family Foundation. The auction goes live Wednesday, January 29th at 11pm EST and last until Saturday, February 1st at 11 pm EST.

Marshawn Lynch uses Skittles to help giving him an energy boosts during games. When tested by sports scientists, he showed a fairly remarkable improvement in performance after eating a handful of Skittles. Whether it actually works or is all in his head doesn’t really matter. His quick feet and overpowering rushing style has earned him the nickname “Beast Mode.” The Seattle Seahawks’ running back is one of the most feared rushers in the NFL.

Lynch has also signed an endorsement deal with a popular electronics brand for their headphones. It would make sense that Beast Mode would join the Beats by Dre brand to form “Beats Mode.” But alas, that partnership will not happen. Marshawn Lynch will be featured in a full length ad inside the gameday Super Bowl program for Monster’s DNA headphones.

Would you like to taste the Marshawn Lynch Skittles rainbow?