‘Gears Of War’ Xbox One Release Could Be Real Time Strategy

The Gears of War Xbox One release being planned is still at least a year away, but it could see a dramatic change in gameplay. After yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft bought the rights to Gears of War, right here on The Inquisitr, the internet was ablaze with ideas for a next gen title.

One of the ideas suggested by a fan on Twitter was to make the game a real time strategy title, much like Halo Wars. While the first person shooter crowd might not like the idea of changing the way it plays, it should be pointed out that other franchises (like Call of Duty) hardly ever change and are going stale in the eyes of gamers and reviewers alike. Sometimes change is good, shaking things up and keeping them interesting.

The idea of Gears of War Xbox One aiming at the console dollars of gamers who probably want StarCraft II could end up a big win for everybody involved.

While Gears of War has always been famous for its tactical gameplay involving characters like Marcus Fenix taking cover from alien fire, the possible Gears of War RTS transition could eliminate the cover aspect completely as it focuses more on group tactics. The aliens are a locust type, which sounds surprisingly similar to the Zerg from the StarCraft franchise, but the question is where the third race would come from. Every real time strategy game which has gained any level of fame has always used at least three races or sides.

In fact, another Microsoft property even had four races after releasing an expansion pack. Age of Mythology proved that a fourth race can actually be a welcome addition with The Titans.

Another franchise out there which is already halfway between shooters and RTS gameplay is Battlefield 4, though you don’t control the group as much as just one member of the group. It’s possible that Gears of War Xbox One might take that route, so the gameplay isn’t changed too much.

Obviously Microsoft is no stranger to real time strategy after the Age series and Halo Wars, so the possibility of making Gears of War Xbox One an RTS could easily be in the cards. Of course, the new genre could simply be a spinoff for the future, but Microsoft executive Phil Spencer has made it known that he likes the idea. Where the game goes from here is really in the hands of Black Tusk Studios.