Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Wedding Is Coming To TV [Rumor]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding might be coming to the small screen.

Since the upcoming ceremony is a pretty big deal — The Inquisitr along has covered several rumors and reports regarding the wedding in recent days — it’s not entirely surprising that someone would want to capitalize on the event. According to reports, there’s a good chance that E! will air the wedding.

According to an anonymous source, there’s a very good reason why the folks at the cable network will get exclusive rights to the ceremony. Not only does E! have a vested interest in Kim Kardashian and her current reality television series, they’re also reportedly footing the bill for the entire ceremony.

“Kim persuaded Kanye to let the cameras roll because E! will pick up most of the cost of the wedding and it’s a lot easier for a network to deal with logistics of a foreign wedding than if it were just the two of them planning it,” the insider dished.

The source continued, “Even though Kim’s marriage to Kris [Humphries] was a disaster, she was very happy with how the wedding and reception turned out.”

This rumor seems to contradict reports that Kim Kardashian and her fiancé would hire someone to shoot the wedding. The couple would then reportedly sell the footage to a network. Since E! is producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it makes sense that the network would want the wedding as well.

Although it’s still unclear when the ceremony will take place, Kim Kardashian recently told Jimmy Kimmel that she and Kanye West intend to get married in Paris. However, she remained tight-lipped about where they’re holding the event.

“We will be getting married this summer hopefully in Paris, we love it there. When I said hopefully I didn’t mean hopefully getting married, I just meant hopefully this summer,” Kardashian said. She added that recent Palace of Versailles rumors were false.

“[Kanye] and I have never been there so we wanted a private tour and of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place and all of that,” Kim said.

If Kanye West can work things out, then Lady Gaga will perform at the couple’s wedding. Yet another rumor suggests that Kardashian and West are both very interested in getting the “Applause” singer to perform at the ceremony.

What do you think about E! possibly airing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding?

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