John Malkovich: Victim of Burglary

While being John Malkovich surely has its perks, that wasn’t the case for the 57 year old actor this past Thursday.

According to reports Malkovich was in the Czech Republic city of Prague to perform his play Infernal Comedy. Upon returning to his room at the city’s Mandarin Oriental hotel he noticed that it had been broken into and immediately notified the police.

Katarina Pavlitova, the hotel’s public relations manager, spoke briefly about the incident:

“I can confirm that a police investigation is under way with regard to a loss of personal items of one of our guests, who I can now name as John Malkovich. The hotel is fully cooperating with police.”

As of now, the only items noted as missing are two cell phones.

Malkovich, who was scheduled to arrive in Poland to meet with film students today, reportedly was several hours late due to the incidents that occurred in Prague.