Girls Missing From Sleepover May Have Run Away Together, Police Say

Two girls who went missing after a sleepover may have ran away together, police say.

The two California girls — 12-year-old Raylynn Bolt and 14-year-old Diana Tourdot — were supposed to be spending the night together Saturday at Diana’s house. But parents found them missing in the morning, prompting police to initiative a frantic search that included bloodhounds looking for some trace of the girls.

On Sunday police got a lead on the girls who went missing from the sleepover when witnesses say they saw the pair together near a city plaza in Riverside.

“The girls are still missing but at this point in the investigation, it is believed the girls ran away from home,” Riverside police Sgt. David Amador said in a statement.

Family members are still shocked that the girls would go missing from the sleepover. The Bolt family said there are no problems at home, and family members enjoy video games and other activities together.

“Unfortunately I think these two girls just got into a little bit of trouble,” Donald Bolt, Raylynn’ father, told KABC-TV.

Donald Bolt also said he is understanding, and wants the girls to know there are no consequences for coming home.

“You guys can come home,” he said. “I mean, you know, if you guys maybe ran away or something or went to some guy’s house, everything’s fine. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been 12, 13, 14.”

California was the scene for a different kind of sleepover tragedy last year. In July, an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed at a sleepover in a shooting that left three others hurt. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the girl was staying with a friend when someone rang the doorbell to draw attention and then fired right through the door.

Police hope the case of the girls going missing from the sleepover can have a happier ending, and are appealing for the two to come home.