Justin Bieber Deportation Petition Inevitably Draws Drake Bell

Justin Bieber’s possible deportation may or may not happen, but one man who’s doing all he can to make it happen is Drake Bell —a musician-actor and leading Twitter troll.

Bell began his one-way feud with Bieber in 2012, aiming a catalog of insults the singer’s way. Branded the “biggest celebrity bully of all time” by J-14 magazine, the 27-year-old is now calling his obsession a movement.

The former Drake and Josh star has joined 54, 756 other Americans in an effort to get Bieber deported back to Canada.

After the singer’s DUI arrest in Miami on Thursday, a petition launched on the White House website the same day demanding the 19-year-old’s deportation and the revoking of his green card.

The petition claims Justin is “not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth.”

At press time, the signature count is 54, 757.

February 22 is the deadline for the required 100,000 signatures necessary to compel a response from the Obama administration.

On Monday, Bell tweeted the petition link urging his followers to, “become a part of the movement!!!”

He has since posted it again and looks likely to keep at it, certainly while he’s also shilling his upcoming record.

Drake’s endorsement of the Bieber deportation petition comes after his gracless slam of the Grammy nominated singer as “talentless,” following a police raid at Justin’s Calabasas, CA home in connection to the egging of his neighbor’s house.

Bieber’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license out of Georgia while allegedly drag racing prompted more snark from Bell. That tweet is now deleted.

According to Gossip Cop, it read, “Arrested,vandalized property in multiple countries,Egged a house, busted for drugs, and he still gets endorsements!!” Along with the tweet, the actor posted a Photshop split of Bieber’s mug shot and a Proactiv ad.

Yesterday the Miami Beach police department and Dade State Attorney’s office confirmed Justin’s DUI charge remained active despite reports stating it had been dropped.

In addition, CNN reports a decision on whether to prosecute the singer over his alleged part in the egging is expected after the Sheriff’s department sends over the case for review shortly.

According to TMZ, there isn’t any evidence linking the pop prince to the egging in footage from home security surveillance seized at his home during the raid. Los Angeles authorities deny this but did not offer details.

Petitions aside, as far as the reality of Bieber’s deportation, experts are split.

Reportedly in the US on a 0-1 performer’s visa, according to Brian Claypool, a Pasadena-based attorney and TV analyst, he could be deported if convicted of a serious crime or if officials deem him a big enough nuisance.

“He’s on this path of destruction thinking there are no consequences, but the most grave consequences, of living here and pursuing his dream, is in jeopardy,” he said.

Immigration attorney Ira Kurzban says neither a conviction for driving under the influence or driving without a license makes someone eligible for deportation.

Although Bieber isn’t facing drug charges Miami Beach police said he admitted to taking prescription medicine, smoking marijuana, and consumed one beer before getting into the yellow Lamborghini he was pulled over in for alleged drag racing.

While the charges are misdemeanors, some attorneys said that Bieber could be in serious trouble if a drugs charge is added in.

Although California police found MDMA “in plain view” when they raided the performer’s house on January 14, the drugs were found in his pal Xavier “Lil Za” Smith’s bedroom, and only Lil Za was arrested.

Meanwhile Stacy Tolchin, a Los Angeles immigration attorney in Los Angeles, believes a felony conviction for egging would be a bigger headache for Bieber than the Miami Beach arrest.

Tolchin said a non-permanent resident can get kicked out of the US if found guilty of a felony capable of bringing a sentence longer than a year in prison. Even if someone is sentenced to less than a year in prison on such a charge, they could still be deported.

Bieber is currently a suspect in a felony vandalism and assault investigation, as per the alleged egging.

The maximum sentence is three years imprisonment.

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