Cop Allegedly Sends Nude Selfie To Woman In Missing Persons Investigation

A federal police officer stands accused of allegedly sending a nude selfie to a woman he was reportedly helping locate her missing uncle.

The woman, 31, went to the Veterans Affairs office in west Los Angeles to request police assistance in locating the uncle, who is a veteran.

She exchanged contact information with the officer who offered to help. A few days later, the officer allegedly texted her to ask if she had a boyfriend and whether she wanted to meet for coffee sometime. She responded by texting that she was in a meeting and was unable to talk. According to the woman, he subsequently sent her a selfie of himself in his full police uniform.

Things allegedly took a turn for the weird according to the Los Angeles CBS News affiliate. “From there, the women said the texts became increasingly graphic and dirty. One complimented the woman on her large breasts. ‘Your boobs are humongous,’ he reportedly wrote on one text. ‘They must be fake. Those will be the first fake t**s I touch.’ That’s when the women said the naked selfie followed”

The woman told the officer to stop communicating with her, and he reportedly replied with “Very sorry! I won’t contact you anymore!”

Of the cop’s nearly full-length naked selfie picture, the woman said that “It’s scary.” She added that “no one has ever sent me a nude selfie before, let alone a police officer.”

She reported the incident to the VA which has the matter under internal investigation. In the meantime, officer has been reassigned to a non-law-enforcement role.

When confronted by a CBS reporter outside a supermarket, the officer had no comment about the alleged nude selfie situation.

About a year ago, a female police lieutenant in Arizona was demoted to sergeant following an internal investigation after she allegedly sent a subordinate officer sexually explicit photos and videos of herself while wearing her police uniform.

In this latest instance in California, do you think the alleged selfie-sending federal police officer had a different kind of veterans “affairs” on his mind?

[image credit: Jesse Weinstein]

Added: Here is the sarcastic take about the cop’s alledged nude selfie from Taiwan CGI studio Next Media Animation: