Gary Kubiak Looking To Turn Around Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco

Gary Kubiak wants to make Joe Flacco elite again.

After arriving in Baltimore on Sunday to start contract negotiations and inking the deal as the Ravens newest offensive coordinator on Monday, Kubiak went right to work. Just after taking the job, he placed a call to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to touch base.

After leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl win in 2012, Flacco hit a bit of a decline in 2013, throwing for a franchise record 22 interceptions.

“It’s our job to find the things that Joe’s comfortable with and make him as successful as he possibly can and we’ll do that. But I’m just looking forward to sitting down with Joe and really picking his brain in a lot of ways in how he’s been taught and what he’s done in the past, and then taking the things that John and I have talked about, that we want to do,” Gary Kubiak said. “But he’s a championship quarterback and that’s all that you can ask for from a coach in this league.”

If the Ravens are to bounce back in 2014 after missing the playoffs this year, much will fall on the shoulders of both Joe Flacco and Gary Kubiak. In the last year the team had an abysmal rushing attack, forcing Flacoo to throw for a career record number of passes.

The task of turning around the quarterback is even more important given the $52 million contract the Ravens gave Flacco last year.

Kubiak said the first thing he plans to do on Tuesday is study tape from last season, trying to find what went wrong for Flacco.

“I think that’s what I need to get in there and start working on,” Kubiak said. “Joe and I will need to sit down together and I’ll need to talk to him about how he feels with what he’s done up to this point, how he feels about the future and what he thinks he needs to do better.”

It could be a bit of a challenge for Gary Kubiak, who as the Houston Texans head coach was known as a run-heavy coach.