Mike Ditka Spoofs ‘Wrecking Ball’ Super Bowl Pepsi Commercial

Mike Ditka knows how to make an entrance.

In what was easily the most entertaining commercial shown during the Grammy Awards last night, Pepsi debuted it’s “Halftime” ad featuring a number of famous football analysts as they gave back to the performers who’ve made Super Bowl shows so great in the past. Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe and more packed a star studded song and dance routine crossing all musical genres. But it wasn’t until the very end that Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka stole the show, riding in on a giant football shaped wrecking ball, à la Miley Cyrus.

Deion Sanders kicked off the original Pepsi “Halftime” number, reinforced by auto-tune, before being soundly interrupted by Terry Bradshaw, dressed as a sparkly cowboy. The former Pittsburgh Steeler great and current host of FOX’s pregame show shot into an up tempo country song mocking Deion’s attempt at a music career in the past.

“You’ve sold three of these,” Bradshaw sang, holding up a copy of “Prime Time” the rap album Sanders released back in 1994. “Stick to football.”

Bradshaw’s bubble quickly burst however when CBS’s pre-game analyst Shannon Sharpe entered the scene in a Men In Black style suit and tie and spewing vicious rhymes. New York Jets center Nick Mangold became quickly enthralled and the two began acting out the infamous and highly spoofed Kanye West/Kim Kardashian rap video for “Bound 2” that had heads turning late last year.

From that point on all the performers joined together to sing the halftime diddy before Coach Ditka appeared atop the aforementioned wrecking ball. Halfway across the stage however, the chain snaps and the wrecking ball comes tumbling down onto the ground, smashing into several pieces and littering the floor with debris. The music only stops for a moment however, as Ditka emerges, completely unscathed. Apparently, Coach Ditka is adept at handling the wrecking ball with as much care as Miley Cyrus did in the original video.

Pepsi has been airing several different variations of it’s “Halftime” theme in preparation for the big performance coming this Sunday when the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Bruno Mars will share the stage with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at halftime during the game.

Ditka meanwhile, has been has been grabbing media headlines for more than just the Wrecking Ball spoof, when he called playing in a cold weather Super Bowl “stupid.” Creating controversy? Sounds like Miley would approve.

See the “Halftime” video: