London Holocaust Day Speaker Praises Hitler And Admits To Despising Jews [Video]

Stand for Peace, an interfaith advocacy group which works to foster brotherhood among the world’s religions and fight extremism has brought to light that a speaker named Hassan Farouq was asked to speak at London’s City Hall during Holocaust Memorial Day. This would be ok if Farouq hadn’t expressed extreme hatred of Jews and admiration for Adolf Hitler, raising questions if London ascribes any value at all to the memory of the Holocaust.

As part of their investigation, Stand for Peace uncovered several tweets that had been made by Farouq in support of Adolf Hitler and showing his hatred for Jews. Some of the tweets say:

“I look up to Hitler”

“The hour will not come until the Muslims kill the Jews.”

“Let’s go Jewish bashing.”

“Oh hypocrisy nothing new its in his blood after all you can’t blame him he’s a Jew”

“I look up 2 Hitler :p”

“Hitler: I can kill 10000 by putting them into gas chambers B-)”

“Gassing is my hobby”

In addition to his anti-Semitic tweets Farouq shows that he has a low opinion of women and homosexuals as well.

This video is the message Farouq tried to show the world at the holocaust Memorial Day Event.

Stand for Peace also highlighted Farouq’s involvement as a “senior member” of the group Newham Dawah Team. Newham Dawah spreads a militant message of Islam and recently released a video calling in Arabic for a never ending war against the Jews.

Sam Westrop, Director of Stand for Peace, said that he was wondering how such a blatant anti-Semite could be asked to fulfill a roll in Holocaust Memorial Day but he also said this is nothing new for London.

Westrop said:

“Once again, anti-Semitic activists are attempting to exploit the commemoration of the Holocaust to sanitize their public image. the facade is a thin one. The public officials who chose this extremist clearly do not believe the Holocaust Day Memorial has any real value, or they would have made the minimal effort to ensure suitable speakers were found”.

Do you think London should be ashamed of their behavior on Holocaust Memorial Day?