Chrissy Teigen Photobombed By Neil Patrick Harris At Grammy Awards

Chrissy Teigen has officially been…wait for it…photobombed!

The 28-year-old supermodel and her husband, recording guru John Legend were added to the growing list of celebrities to have experienced this hilarious trend during the Grammy Awards last night. The man to do it? None other than “How I Met Your Mother” actor Neil Patrick Harris. As his alter ego Barney Stinson might say, the picture was indeed “legendary.”

The adorable pic shows the actor and Grammy presenter with a gaping wide open mouth as he casually inserts himself into the background of their husband-and-wife selfie. While some might have been annoyed by his antics, Tiegen playfully gave credit on the photo’s Instagram caption where she wrote, “One can only be so lucky to get a NPH photobomb.”

Tiegen seems to shine at these events. According to the Daily News, the Sports Illustrated beauty “spent the night taking in the Grammy Awards moments alongside husband John Legend, and sharing them with followers on her Instagram and Twitter pages.”

Fans got a taste of what to expect hours earlier when she posted a racy photo of herself getting ready for the big event. Instagram showed a presumably topless shot of her cut off just above the bust line with a caption that read “Getting ready for GRAMMYS! #getnaked.”

And while Chrissy Teigen is a master at grabbing everyone’s attention via social media, it’s worth mentioning that her photobomber isn’t too shabby himself. While Neil Patrick Harris was tabbed by the Grammy’s to introduce the performance by Album of the Year winners Daft Punk with special guest Stevie Wonder, he spent his down time tweeting out numerous photos and tweets during the show.

In one series of photos, he grabbed a selfie with himself and husband David Burtka followed by shots of Katy Perry and her brother David as they arrived at the gala. Harris also gave humorous play by play after various performances including those by Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons, the latter of which he commented: “Imagine Dragons rocked so hard a couple people exploded in the front row. #truth.”

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